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We Welcome Most Major Dental Insurances

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Dental insurance is a helpful tool that can make your and your family’s ongoing care (including orthodontic treatments) much more budget-friendly, which is why Ortega Orthodontics is proud to accept a wide variety of major PPO dental insurance plans. It’s likely that you still have questions regarding what’s covered, how to make the most of your benefits, and more. Don’t worry – our team is very knowledgeable about this world, and we’ll help you navigate paperwork, yearly maximums, and deductibles with ease so that your final reimbursements are everything you deserve. Keep reading below to learn more!

Understanding How Dental Insurance Works

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Many people assume that medical insurance and dental insurance are basically identical, but this isn’t actually true. While medical insurance may set some money aside to take care of checkups and medications, the bulk of your benefits are only accessible when traumatic injuries, severe illnesses, and other true emergencies occur. On the other hand, dental insurance is much more preventive in nature. Biannual checkups, professional cleanings, and other likeminded services are typically always covered at 100%, which means that patients are more likely to access them and enjoy a healthier, stronger smile as a result over the years. This results in more saved money too!

What Your Dental Insurance Plan Covers

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When it comes to dental insurance coverage for orthodontic care, every plan is different. Dr. Holland encourages patients and parents to reach out to their specific provider in order to confirm available benefits before committing to treatment, and our team members can also help with this process. We will also provide pre-treatment estimates that cover ALL costs beforehand, including out-of-pocket estimates, copayments, and the financial reimbursements we expect to receive from your insurance.

Here is some other important information that you need to know:

Our In-Network PPO Dental Insurance Providers

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Ortega Orthodontics is in-network with several PPO plans – but what does that mean, exactly? An in-network provider has essentially entered into a contract with your insurance and agreed to charge certain prices for a variety of different dental services. This means that visiting an in-network dentist is typically less expensive than visiting someone out-of-network who can charge whatever they want without restrictions. However, this isn’t necessarily always the case. Our team is happy to file claims for several out-of-network insurance plans as well, and our commitment to affordable pricing means that these rates are often extremely comparable to in-network orthodontists for those plans.

We hope to welcome you, your child, or your entire family in soon! Please contact us today in Jacksonville, FL if you have any further questions about dental insurance or would like to schedule a visit.