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Why Should I Correct My Overbite?

June 13, 2023

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You have an overbite but haven’t considered braces because they’re unnecessary unless your teeth are crooked, right? This is a common misperception! Overbite refers to the amount of overlap between your top and bottom teeth. A slight overbite is natural and normal, but one that is either too big or too small can have detrimental effects.

Fortunately, braces offer a solution! If you have an unhealthy overbite, continue reading to learn about why you should consider treatment.

Reason # 1: Make Your Smile Healthier

An overbite can impact the overall health of your mouth in more ways than one. For starters, it can make it hard to reach all of your teeth for thorough, consistent brushing and flossing. Not only that, but if your bottom teeth are resting against your upper gums, you could develop gum recession. Gum recession will expose the roots of your teeth, which can cause painful tooth sensitivity and increase your risk of gum disease! Correcting your overbite ensures that you have the access you need to keep your smile healthy.

Reason #2: Basic Tasks Are Easier

Some simple tasks that we take for granted, like eating and speaking, are influenced by how much space exists between your upper and lower teeth. A pronounced overbite can make it difficult to chew because your molars aren’t lined up on either side.

Additionally, it can be challenging to speak if you’re overcompensating for misaligned teeth. Different sounds and words are formed when our tongue presses to the hard surfaces in our mouth, which it can’t do effectively if they are out of place.

Reason #3: Avoid Chronic Jaw Pain

No one wants to live their life with constant aches, but chronic jaw pain is a common side effect you might run into if you have been forced to overcompensate due to an overbite. Pain can develop over time as your jaw muscles are overworked, and this can even lead to headaches or earaches. By fixing the problem, you can alleviate this ongoing symptom.

Reason #4: Give Your Mouth Space

If your teeth are not lined up as they should be, they may be pushing at each other in ways that eventually lead to overcrowding or crookedness. This can cause them to wear down prematurely, increasing the likelihood of harmful deterioration. Not only that, but you might feel self-conscious about smiling if your pearly whites appear crooked or out of place! Braces can gently pull your teeth and jaw into their rightful positions, preserving them for the long term.

As you can see, there are many benefits to correcting overbite issues with braces. You can alleviate pain, address aesthetic concerns, and ensure that you can keep your mouth clean for a happy, healthy future!

About the Author

Dr. Holland at Ortega Orthodontics graduated Magna Cum Laude at the University of Florida College of Dentistry. He is a dual-trained specialist and has expertise in orthodontics as well as prosthodontics, so he is uniquely equipped to handle overbite issues. If you would like to make an appointment, please reach out to the office on the website or by calling (904) 388-4600.

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